Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trick-or-Treat, First Grade is REALLY sweet!

October is flying by and we have been very busy bees in first grade. Last week was fire prevention week and so we made firemen and wrote about ways to stay safe at home. The students did an awesome job on their firemen! Here are a few pictures for you!

This week we made M&M men for my Halloween wall. Next week we are going to make candy corn to go with my "Trick-or-Treat, First Grade is really sweet" wall! 
They got to decorate the feet and hands themselves! My students are so creative and came up with some great ideas! I love how each one is so unique and different :)

Peanut M&M on the left and regular on the right!

Here is the candy corn we are going to make next week! Can't wait to have them all hanging up for conferences!

On a different note, next week we are hopefully going to get to blog about our favorite thing so far in first grade! It has been way to long since my students have had a chance to blog, but there is NO time ):  
Have a GREAT week!

Mrs. High

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