Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas FUN!

This time of year is CRAZY busy and we have a lot of FUN things going on in First Grade!
During the week of Thanksgiving we made turkey wanted posters. We pretended that we were farmers and our Thanksgiving turkeys had escaped and dressed up as something else. We wrote a story from the farmer's perspective about what they dressed up as and what reward we would give  to get them back. This was SUCH a fun project and it was  neat to see what the students disguised their turkeys as. Here are a few pictures.

We also made word choice turkeys. The students had to come up with different words that they could use in their writing instead of always using the word fun. 

This week we have been doing a Jan Brett author study in reading. We have read many of her books and done several projects. First we read, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett and created our own mittens and described them. We put all of the characters from the story in our mitten. 

The next day we read, "The Three Snow Bears" and the students filled out a story map and drew the characters from the story on a blue sheet of paper!  

We also completed igloo sight word worksheets that went with the story, "The Three Snow Bears."
During writing this week we read the book, "Who Will Guide My Sleigh?" This books discusses different animals that Santa might have guide his sleigh. My students then got to write about which animal they would have guide Santa's sleigh. These turned out really cute!

 Today we read the following two books by Jan Brett. My friends then got to play a game where they got to draw and color a gingerbread baby themselves!

It has been SO much fun doing an author's study in reading this week. Tomorrow we will end the week by reading the book, "The Hat" by Jan Brett and doing a few activities with it!

Mrs, High :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Election and Guest Reader!

Man I am behind!!!! I will try and catch you up with what we have been doing the past few weeks in class. :) A few weeks ago we did a few writing and reading activities that went along with the presidential election. The first thing we did was read, Duck for President.   This book describes a duck that is tired of working on a farm and wants to be in CHARGE. He goes from being a farm hand to the president of the United States. Once he is the president of the United States he realizes that he liked being a farm hand better. After we read the book each of my students had the chance to pick an animal that they would vote to be the best animal in the world. They wrote a story about why I should vote for their animal. They wrote about different qualities that their animal had and why they were better than any other animal. We have been talking about the trait of organization in writing and so the students had to start with a sound lead. After we finished our stories we talked about campaign posters and each of my students made a campaign poster for their animal. Here are a few pictures of the finished writing page and campaign poster. They turned out GREAT! :)

 Today we had a SPECIAL guest reader come after lunch. :) My husband came and read my class a few books! The kids loved it! :) Here are a few pictures.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Mrs. High

Monday, November 12, 2012


This past weekend my husband and I got to attend the Husker vs. Penn State game in Lincoln. It was so great to have a little get away and to watch the Huskers get a win! It was only my second Husker game ever and my husband had not been to one since high school.

Here are a few photos for all you Husker fans out there :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Classroom Videos!

I have been playing around with iMovie on my iPad and here are a few videos that I have created! More to come soon :).

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monsters and SWEET Treats! :)

October has come and gone so quickly this year! We have been very busy art bees this month. We made monsters, owls, m&m's, and candy corn. My trick-or-treat wall turned out GREAT! My kids love seeing their art work displayed all over the classroom. Here are a few pictures of our artwork. 
M&M men :)

Trick-or-Treat, Mrs. High's Class is really SWEET! 

In Writing we read the book, I Need My Monster. This book is great and very similar to the movie Monsters Inc. After we read the book we made our own monsters off of a monster glyph. The monster glyph was as follows:
Body Color:  my favorite color
Leg Color:  Pink if I’m a girl
Blue if I’m a boy
Teeth: number of letters in my first name
Eyes: number of kids in my household
Horns: number matches my favorite subject:
1)         Math   
2)        Reading
3)        Writing

Here are pictures of their monsters. They all turned out GREAT!!! :)