Monday, November 19, 2012

Election and Guest Reader!

Man I am behind!!!! I will try and catch you up with what we have been doing the past few weeks in class. :) A few weeks ago we did a few writing and reading activities that went along with the presidential election. The first thing we did was read, Duck for President.   This book describes a duck that is tired of working on a farm and wants to be in CHARGE. He goes from being a farm hand to the president of the United States. Once he is the president of the United States he realizes that he liked being a farm hand better. After we read the book each of my students had the chance to pick an animal that they would vote to be the best animal in the world. They wrote a story about why I should vote for their animal. They wrote about different qualities that their animal had and why they were better than any other animal. We have been talking about the trait of organization in writing and so the students had to start with a sound lead. After we finished our stories we talked about campaign posters and each of my students made a campaign poster for their animal. Here are a few pictures of the finished writing page and campaign poster. They turned out GREAT! :)

 Today we had a SPECIAL guest reader come after lunch. :) My husband came and read my class a few books! The kids loved it! :) Here are a few pictures.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Mrs. High

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