Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas FUN!

This time of year is CRAZY busy and we have a lot of FUN things going on in First Grade!
During the week of Thanksgiving we made turkey wanted posters. We pretended that we were farmers and our Thanksgiving turkeys had escaped and dressed up as something else. We wrote a story from the farmer's perspective about what they dressed up as and what reward we would give  to get them back. This was SUCH a fun project and it was  neat to see what the students disguised their turkeys as. Here are a few pictures.

We also made word choice turkeys. The students had to come up with different words that they could use in their writing instead of always using the word fun. 

This week we have been doing a Jan Brett author study in reading. We have read many of her books and done several projects. First we read, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett and created our own mittens and described them. We put all of the characters from the story in our mitten. 

The next day we read, "The Three Snow Bears" and the students filled out a story map and drew the characters from the story on a blue sheet of paper!  

We also completed igloo sight word worksheets that went with the story, "The Three Snow Bears."
During writing this week we read the book, "Who Will Guide My Sleigh?" This books discusses different animals that Santa might have guide his sleigh. My students then got to write about which animal they would have guide Santa's sleigh. These turned out really cute!

 Today we read the following two books by Jan Brett. My friends then got to play a game where they got to draw and color a gingerbread baby themselves!

It has been SO much fun doing an author's study in reading this week. Tomorrow we will end the week by reading the book, "The Hat" by Jan Brett and doing a few activities with it!

Mrs, High :)

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