Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monsters and SWEET Treats! :)

October has come and gone so quickly this year! We have been very busy art bees this month. We made monsters, owls, m&m's, and candy corn. My trick-or-treat wall turned out GREAT! My kids love seeing their art work displayed all over the classroom. Here are a few pictures of our artwork. 
M&M men :)

Trick-or-Treat, Mrs. High's Class is really SWEET! 

In Writing we read the book, I Need My Monster. This book is great and very similar to the movie Monsters Inc. After we read the book we made our own monsters off of a monster glyph. The monster glyph was as follows:
Body Color:  my favorite color
Leg Color:  Pink if I’m a girl
Blue if I’m a boy
Teeth: number of letters in my first name
Eyes: number of kids in my household
Horns: number matches my favorite subject:
1)         Math   
2)        Reading
3)        Writing

Here are pictures of their monsters. They all turned out GREAT!!! :)

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