Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Having Fun in Hollywood! :)

This is SO sad that I am just posting some things from the beginning of the year but at least it is getting done now :). 
Our theme in my classroom this year is Hollywood. At the beginning of the year I read several books about "stars". We read the books, Charlie Hits it Big, Dream Big, Little Pig, and  Stella is a Star. 

My Students loved reading these books about animal stars and talking about star qualities. My students got to dress up like movie stars and then decorate their own star. I have these hanging up in my entry room. 

Here are a few of my students dressed up like movie stars!

Here is a movie trailer that I made of all of my students dressed up like movie stars! Click on the red words, "Movie Star VIDEO!" to watch it. 

Here are a few of my hollywood bulletin boards in my room. 

This is my reading corner with all of our reading strategies on the posters. 

Here is my star student bulletin board. I will not start using this until second semester. 
Writing corner!

This is my NEWEST find for our hollywood room! I found this director's chair at an auction for $2.50 :). The auctioneer did not understand why I was so excited about an old director's chair! :) Each night I pick a student who has done a great job being safe, respectful, and responsible that day. That student gets to sit in the director's chair the next day! 

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