Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swinging Into First Grade

The school year is off to a GREAT start and I can't believe we have already been in school for  a month! Looking back over the pictures from the first few weeks I can't believe how many things we have already done. During the first week of school we read some books about being a star. We talked about how everyone is unique and different and very special. These are a few of the books that we read.

After we read the books I let my students dress up like a movie star. They thought this was GREAT!

We also read the David books by David Shannon. These books are a good way to teach rules and expectations. The students really enjoyed these books and got to make their very own Davids. 
Our kickoff theme this year was how to fill a bucket. This goes along with two books about filling others buckets. The books discuss how everyone has an imaginary bucket and you are either filling their bucket or dipping from their bucket. We talked about ways to fill others buckets such as giving a hug, saying hello, sharing, being kind, including everyone, and helping others.  Pictured below are the two books that we read. 

This past week we started reading Pete the Cat books. These silly books are about a cat named Pete who really likes to sing and his shoes. We listed to the song, "I Love My White Shoes" and made our very own Pete the cats. If you get a chance read some of these books with your child. They are very fun and your child will want to read along with you! :) 

I am SO excited for writing today. The students are going to write about what type/color of shoes their cat is wearing. I can't wait to see what creative ideas they come up with!

Mrs. High

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