Monday, November 18, 2013

We're Thankful First Graders!

It is hard to believe that November is almost halfway over and Thanksgiving is next week. Listed below are pictures of art projects that we have done this past month! :)

In Writing we read the book, I Need My Monster. This book is great and very similar to the movie Monsters Inc. After we read the book we made our own monsters off of a monster glyph. The monster glyph was as follows:

Body Color:  my favorite color
Leg Color:  Pink if I’m a girl
Blue if I’m a boy
Teeth: number of letters in my first name
Eyes: number of kids in my household
Horns: number matches my favorite subject:
1)         Math   
2)        Reading
3)        Writing

At the beginning of October we made owls. The students had to rip small pieces of brown paper to make the owl's body and then cut out the rest of the pieces. 

For Halloween we made scary pumpkins that the kids got to cut out themselves. It was so fun to see the different sizes and shapes of pumpkins that the kids designed! 

This past week we read a few books about Thanksgiving and talked about different things that we are thankful for. I have a great group of thankful first graders! Each student got to pick four things they were thankful for and write them on their pilgrim. 

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