Thursday, March 14, 2013

Terrific Technology

Our class has really been enjoying the new technology that we have received this year. The iPad cart has been a great addition to our First Grade pod. Last week we had a math lesson about congruent shapes and we used a Geoboard app on our iPads. The students LOVED this and were very engaged the entire lesson!

 If you want to try this FREE app at home it is called Geoboard.

In reading we have been working on our sight words and spelling by using the Cimo Spelling app. There are two different Cimo Spelling apps. One is for sight words and one is for sounding out new words. Below are pictures of my reading student using these two apps. 

We have been using our Smartboard to play sight word bingo as an entire class. You can play bingo and other interactive educational games at home by going to the website

Mrs. High

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