Friday, August 3, 2012

Beginning of the School Year- Hollywood

Hello! This year I am doing a hollywood theme and I am really excited to see how every thing comes together. My reading corner has been turned into a popcorn station. One wall is going to be used for weekly sight words and the other wall has reading strategies that highlight what "Star Readers" have to do to fully comprehend the books they read. Other bulletin boards that I have created is one wall for a Star of the Week and another that is for writing. I am using tickets for my students coat room name tags as well as my entry way bulletin board. During the first week of school my students are going to dress up like celebrities and decorate a star. These are going to hang up on one wall to highlight the "All-Star" cast.

I have not taken pictures yet but I will upload pictures of everything once I go back to school on Monday!

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